Family Owned and
Operated since 1950

The restaurant was opened until 3am 6 days a week and run by Gene and his family until 2006.  


That same traditional flavor now for your home kitchen.

Started in 1950, Genie's Wienies Coney Island served their famous chili dogs to loyal customers for more than 56 years.  At the heart of the menu was their famous Secret Chili Recipe developed by Gene and his father over their many years in business.  Frequently listed in the Best of Detroit magazine, when the Hamtramck, Michigan restaurant closed in 2006, customers were at a loss. Now we have revived that same old fashioned flavored Secret Chili Recipe so that it can be made in your home kitchen.  Still a family owned business, we think you will agree that the Genie's Wienies Coney Island Chili Mix gives you that same flavor that you craved at 2:00am 7 days a week.  It's quick and easy to make. You can now have your favorite chili dogs, chili burgers and chili fries right at home.  Great for family or community  events.